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Nov 4, 2013 5:00am PST
laws prohibit discrimination on race, gender, disability, age and religion. this would add two more. it's in congress as we speak. >> interesting. thank you very much, scott. we want to take a minute to honor mike inouye, he received a very special honor over the weekend. >> that is right. iron mike, our road warrior saturday received the heart of community award from the san jose japanese american citizens league. mike was honored for his long years and dedication volunteering in that japanese community. i think every weekend he had like three events. rob mayeda was there and seeing the event and he had the honor of sharing the moment and presented mike with his big time honor. congratulations, mike. love it. you deserve it. >> what were you saying there? what words were you sharing? >> giving thanks. this was an opportunity for me to honor my parents and my grandparents who raised me and of course that community that sort of fostered me as well. i appreciated that. thank rob for giving up his nap between shows. i was happy i wasn't wearing the same thing. i forgot. >> look to the
Oct 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
, religion or musical taste. these all represent alternative proteins. i think it's better to put the protein front and center. >> matt joined us as well. >> some of us have a more sophisticated palate. >> oh. >> this is a grilled chicken heart with a salad of celery leaves, shallots. >> go ahead. >> is this the straw that you drew. >> go ahead and try it. >> this is tough for me. wait i got the big one. >> hold on. i just want a small bite. >> get some of the greens with it. >> i hate to be such a baby. i'm embarrassed. >> the heart is the leanest muscle on the animal and it's delicious. >> it's good. >> come on. >> tastes like a heart. >> tastes like chicken. >> tastes like heart. >> this is a classic italian dish. >> the heart is delicious. >> it is. it's a lean piece of meat. >> the leanest on the body. >> it tastes delicious. >> this is braised caves tongue, a little bit of lemon. get the sauce. you like the sauce. >> like the sauce. >> that's perfect. >> it's like pot roast. >> i don't want to mash the protein. why do that. this of course is -- >> it looks great. >> it looks
Nov 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. if we make the determination -- both those determinations on the grounds of my religion, regardless of any other factors, i would think that the democratic party would not deserve to be successful, because you would be giving an office to a candidate who potentially could be the president, in either case, and whose only claim under those conditions would be that he happened to go to church on sunday to the catholic church. i must say i would consider that at a most crucial time in the life of this country to be a disastrous way of picking a ticket. one of the ways that i hope to make it clear that i will not participate is by making it extremely clear that i am not going to run for vice president. if the democratic party feels that i could be a successful candidate and a useful president, i hope they will pick me. if they don't, i will work for the party, but i would not engage in the kind of operation which might be suggested in the question of attempting to attract catholics to a ticket because i happened to be on it as vice president. i must say any catholic who voted
Nov 2, 2013 5:00am PDT
war for some national advantage or for religion or economic opportunity. this is a war against an alien life form that comes from another part of the galaxy and threatens life on earth. >> right. even though this is originally written as a young adult, the theme here is very much an adult one. is there something you would like to see as a takeaway for people? because it's kind of a thinking movie. >> it's a thinking movie but i'm not sure that i would like to pronounce a message for it because i think that kind of robs you of being able to participate. i think it's a great movie for young people and their parents to see together, because i think it will create -- the questions will be asked and, hopefully, in a family setting you might find some answers. it concerns things like the responsibilities of growing up and facing military training, bullying are a lot of the things that -- that you experience when you see this film. >> there's a line at one point in the movie and i don't want to give too much away, that talks about a theme i think leach parents may talk about with their k
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4